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  • Metabolism

    Information about metabolism and nutrition is invited here

  • Food biomarkers

    How can we find out about what we eat from molecules that we can detect in our blood/urine? Discussion and questions invited here.

    The FOOD Biomarker AL... by Kat BurtonLast post:

  • Diabetes and metabolic syndrome

    The role of nutrition in diabetes and metabolic syndome- discussion and information welcome here

  • Systems Biology

    How to understand physiology by Systems Biology approaches

Recommended literature
  • NuGO training

    Here is the place to find information about past and upcoming NuGO training courses

    NuGO Post-Graduate co... by Kat BurtonLast post:

  • External training

    Here you can find and provide information about nutrigenomic-related courses provided outside the NuGO association

  • Online training

    Here you can find and add information about useful sources of training

Technical support
  • General discussion

    Questions on nutritional methods and techniques are welcome here

General Category
  • General Discussion

    Feel free to talk about anything and everything in this board.